Mystery is precisely the quality an artist should have. Regardless- here's a little insight on who I am.

I blame Howard Stern's movie, Private Parts (1997), Headbangers Ball (MTV), and Uranium (Fuse) for my love affair with the profession of the Video Jockey. I started my career in entertainment at the age of 17 when I signed up to write the school's music column during my studies at UNCW at $10 an article. From there, I started working at Fuse, behind the scenes, learning everything I could about music television just before it notoriously crashed and burned. Unsuccessful at becoming a VJ, I pushed on as a full-time actor (with the occasional modeling gig, singing for metal bands, and hosting shows for Fangoria and Comcast). My New York life was rich and full with a variety of entertainment gigs that made me the artist I am today. At my core, I have always tied in my identity with my profession as an entertainer above all else. So here I am. If you want to know more, just ask. I have many, many stories to tell.


Satu Runa teams up with Pollen Pictures on 1/2 hour comedy series

Read for more> OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE"When Heavy Metal Ruled the Earth"... 7/7/2017

Austin Film Festival.png

Official 2nd Rounder of Austin Film Fest 2017

Satu Runa's sitcom pilot teleplay Hessians of Burbank makes it to the 2nd round of the Austin Film Festival competition for 2017!

"An actress with a godly quality"





New York trained. Based in Los Angeles.

Just wrapped two seasons on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles in a recurring role as "Officer Shireen"!

As executive producer, Satu raised over 13K running the Kickstarter campaign for the 1/2 hour indie TV pilot, Queen Gorya, which she directed and starred in.


"Do you usually intimidate guys when you interview them?"
-- Woody Harrelson

Satu began her career as an entertainment journalist for Fangoria, Metromix, and Comcast in New York City.


New York Fashion Week Runway Model

The captivating look of her Finnish and Indo-Trinidadian lineage graced the cover of Revolver and Lollipop Magazine. and landed her on the runway at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week (Narham, Kidear Youmans).