Satu Runa has hosted and produced entertainment, science, tech, and fashion news programs for networks including New York Fashion Week, Comcast,, Joe Digital, Drinks on Me Tonight, Fangoria TV, and more. Satu is the creator of the documentary short series, #NerdNoise. She has covered NASA & SpaceX events for #NASASocial, and has written bylines for PBS.

Fangoria TV host Satu Runa interviews Dillinger Escape Plan for their album, Option Paralysis.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour invades the streets of LA.Satu (host/creator) takes a closer look at the Space Shuttle Endeavour with fellow space-nerd, Dennis.

Satu (host/creator) checks out Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank to try on their "Blade Runner" inspired dress.


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SATU @ NASA SOCIAL! Satu covered the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch for NASA in Cape Canaveral!

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